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Presented by Pockets Change, in partnership with Here For Good Texas & Morphing Minds 

Hip-Hop FinFest brings together students, families, and educators through online learning challenges, a student song competition, and a culminating money jam that celebrates change on stage. Students have the opportunity to win prizes, perform, and have their voices heard about one of the most crucial topics in our lives: money.

Join us June 5th 7:30 pm ET for winning student performances, guest artists, money stories with MC Dyalekt, and community conversations.

The Hip Hop FinFest is an award-winning event for youth, families, and educators that's been featured with Cheddar News, Harvard Hip Hop Ex Labs, UCLA Scholars & Storytellers, Sony Create Action and many more. 

This year’s theme is Mic Check, Mind Check, Money Check. How we feel about money influences what we think about money, which influences what we do with our money. The connection between our mental health and emotions are vital. If we can understand our feelings, we can make better decisions about living well today while saving for the future. 

Why Should You & Your Students Watch Hip Hop FinFe$t?


  • Amplify money + mental well-being conversations  🎤 

  • Empower your students to take control of their finances while having fun📚

  • Celebrate financial knowledge and creative career skills with winning  student lyrics 🎶


The best part is seeing students share their talents to win big prizes and create real change. 


“FinFest changed my life, in that I learned more about finance and the history of the racial wealth gap and generational wealth building over time. It also created a point in my resume that piques interest. Before Pockets Change, I never cared much about financial literacy. Through this I learned more about the importance of financial literacy and have grown as I went. I have so much fun learning and creating at the same time.” - Cleo de Jay, student alumni


Winning middle and high school students receive:

  • The Grand Prize Winner will receive a trip to NYC to perform live 

  • Top three submissions will receive cash prizes ($1000, $500, $250)

  • Winning songs will be featured during the Hip Hop FinFest Money Jam

  • Winning songs will receive a Pocket Studio with Sony equipment including: ZV-1 Camera, Wireless Bluetooth® Shooting Grip and Tripod,WH-CH510 Wireless Headphones with Microphone,Rechargeable Battery Pack, Tough M 64GB Memory Card, Portable Bluetooth® Wireless Speaker, Shotgun Microphone

  • Monthly mentorship sessions with hip hip legends and business change makers.

  • PLUS…As the winning student’s teacher you’ll get a 1:1 Coaching Session to increase their own comfort around personal finances & access to the award winning Beyond Budgeting curriculum.



How are you feeling about money?
It’s ok if it’s not positive.
Be real with yourself to heal yourself.

Check out our Money Modules about feelings, the system, and what we can do about it. Download a beat and choose from one of the sample writing prompts or write some bars about mental health and money. So what are you waiting for? Let’s make money while making sense of money.

  • Must be between 12-18 years old to submit

  • Open to residents of the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean

  • Must use content from at least one of the financial literacy challenges provided below

  • Must choose a beat provided by Hip Hop FinFe$t (No YouTube, TikTok, or SoundCloud beats)

  • Song must include a minimum of 16 bars and a chorus

  • Song length cannot exceed 4 minutes

  • Must submit video performance - NO audio-only submissions will be accepted

  • Absolutely no cursing or profanity allowed


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

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